Watch This Space offer a uniquely atmospheric interpretation of heritage spaces through events, audio tours and installations

About 'Watch this space'

Watch This Space is an artist organisation dedicated to fusing live performance, original soundtrack and recorded visuals in the creation of unique interactive audio and performance tours of unusual spaces.

From museums to coal mines, pumping stations to cathedrals, WTS retraces footsteps. Placing personal content into a historical and architectural context WTS shows places as never before seen.

Watch This Space creative team research its history and develop innovative ways to bring their findings to life. Interviews are edited and transcribed, providing personal insight. Sights and sounds unique to the place are recorded and replayed. Music is created and echoed around the building with video projected onto floors and walls as part of the tour. Watch This Space also creates uniquely atmospheric audio tours, often making use of the Internet, allowing participants to download tracks directly onto their own MP3 players to experience the tour whenever they like.

Watch This Space began as a partnership in 2001 and the team have now completed many successful projects for a variety of clients in a diverse range of spaces. From the outset, Watch This Space sought to uncover the personal histories associated with a space and to re-create these unique atmospheres using a combination of sound, video, lighting, writing and performance.

The result is an exhilarating experience of atmospheres created and recreated and moments relived.