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Posted: Wed, 05 Feb 2014 10:20


SAFE HOUSE, is a spectacular large-scale outdoor performance that explores the significance of home and the importance of being part of a community.

As night falls the mysterious house dramatically comes to life. A figure appears on the roof and climbs precariously onto the chimney and begins to share the story of this house. We witness a family moving in, a child playing within its walls, a teenager desperate to escape and an old lady who can't leave.

The audience is taken on a thought provoking, surreal and poetic journey as rooms, memories and characters are revealed. From the perfect couple and their idealised home, to a child who imagines their home as an enchanted castle. Using large-scale projections and aerial performance, the house dramatically transforms into a variety of breath taking visual backdrops. Aerial performers scale the walls, appear out of chimneys, climb onto the roof top and fly around the house to the point of exhaustion. The home begins to crumble and suddenly our main character stops running. SAFE HOUSE explores the emotional space that lies between HOUSE and HOME, and follows one person's journey to find their home.

SAFE HOUSE will be created site specific at each location. The show start's with an exhilarating race through the local streets and neighbourhoods. The spectacular finale combines aerial performance with an exhilarating quick frame animation of hundreds of photographs taken from local participants in a place they call home. Come along and find out who lives in your neighbourhood and where they feel at home.

METRO-BOULOT-DODO, known for their emotionally engaging narratives and haunting soundtracks are collaborating artistically with Draw and Code and Wired Aerial on SAFE HOUSE. Wired Aerial, internationally acclaimed aerial performance artists are part of the team responsible for the international success 'AS THE WORLD TIPPED. SAFE HOUSE is being produced by Event International.

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