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Peterborough Crown Lakes

DATE: 2007
GENRE: Audio tour
STATUS: Current


The success of the Hidden Tracks Audio Tour led to Peterborough’s Natural Networks team asking Watch This Space to create an audio tour around the Crown Lakes Country Park in Peterborough. This ex-brick pit area has been regenerated, leaving little trace of the industrial heritage that has shaped this park along with so much of the city. The audio tour invites the audience into the world of brick making and to celebrate the rich history of those involved in this industry. The audio tour also offers an insight into the unique ecosystems of the ex-brick pits that allow endangered species such as the great crested newt and the stonewort to thrive. Once again, the audio tour is available for anyone to participate in simply by downloading the audio tracks and map from the project website.


WTS CROWN LAKES by metro-boulot-dodo