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Pumpit – Abbey Pumping Station

DATE: 2001
GENRE: Site specific performance
STATUS: Archive


METRO-BOULOT-DODO collaborated with Bathysphere using and developing skills in performance art, installation, digital audio / music production and the use of new technology in performance. This collaboration permitted a bi-lateral exchange of creative ideas and skills.

Participants were taken on a journey through two performance installations designed specifically for Abbey Pumping Station, Leicester and the former colliery site at Snibston Discovery Park, Coalville.

Abbey Pumping Station, now a museum but last operated in 1964, holds a number of steam driven pumps which dealt with sewage from the Leicester area. The nature of the building means that each of the five floors has very different characteristics. Using the atmosphere suggested by each floor the journey not only created a theatrical experience, but also drew upon the history and function of the building and was as informative as it is entertaining.