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Pumpit - Snibston

DATES: 2001
GENRE: Site specific performance
STATUS: Archive


METRO-BOULOT-DODO collaborated with Bathysphere using and developing skills in performance art, installation, digital audio / music production and the use of new technology in performance. This collaboration permitted a bi-lateral exchange of creative ideas and skills.

Participants were taken on a journey through two performance installations designed specifically for Abbey Pumping Station, Leicester and the former colliery site at Snibston Discovery Park, Coalville.

At Snibston the site is spread over a large area with several separate buildings. The fact that the site has been left untouched since its closure lends the place an authentic atmosphere. The artists took the audience on a journey through the area and use digital technologies, video, live performance and sound (sourcing interviews with ex-miners and local residents) to evoke the time when the pit was in operation.


WTS Pumpit Snibston by metro-boulot-dodo