Watch This Space offer a uniquely atmospheric interpretation of heritage spaces through events, audio tours and installations

SHINE Northamptonshire

DATE: 2011
GENRE: Outdoor illumination site specific performance
STATUS: Current


2011 was a particularly busy year for the WTS team, and it culminated in the county of Northamptonshire, where in association with Northamptonshire County Council, we launched the hugely successful Shine project. Five of the counties most interesting and beautiful churches were brought to life with lighting, performance, sound and moving image as we sought out long gone stories as well as more recent recollections. We created a large scale outdoor spectacle with a huge lighting rig, specially written music and for the first time, live video sketching, as well as a vast array of digital delights inside each church. As with all WTS projects, we tirelessly researched the unique history of each building, seeking out characters, myths and events associated with each of these incredible places of worship. Each event was free, attracting large crowds both from the local communities and further afield to witness each church as never seen before.