Watch This Space offer a uniquely atmospheric interpretation of heritage spaces through events, audio tours and installations

Snibston Audio Tour

DATE: 2009
GENRE: Audio tour
STATUS: Current


Snibston is an interactive museum, historic colliery railway and a Country Park and nature reserve, all located on the site of the former Snibston Colliery.Leicestershire County Council commissioned Watch This Space to create a pilot audio tour to encourage visitors to explore the site, especially the country park. Each track draws attention to the events and people that helped to shape the area in which the listener stands. The audio tour combines historical research, interviews with local people, original writing and a lush soundscape. It offers the public a rare insight into unknown anecdotes and forgotten heritage through this exciting new creative interpretation. The Snibston Audio Tour offers the opportunity to explore this picturesque area and at the same time discover some of its forgotten stories. Using an audio player and the map and instructions included, you can enjoy an innovative and intriguing walk around the areas rich past.